Amphibia – Att leva på hoppet
6 June 2014
15 January 2015
at Slottsholmen, Malmö Museer in Malmö, Sweden

Skåne in southern Sweden is dubbed an “amphibian eldorado” and ten of Sweden’s eleven frogs and toad species live there. A conservation effort started off in the 1990s and have become a total success story with results like protected nature reserves with recovering and reconstructed frog and toad habitats and populations.


With the entire world perspective, amphibians are among the most threatened animal groups on the planet. Drainage of the cultural landscape of drying up wetlands, marshes and ponds is major reasons to their decrease. Other threats are human intensive use of chemicals and heavy traffic.

For six years, nature photographer Magnus Lundgren followed Skåne frogs and toads on land, in water and underwater. When visiting the exhibition Amphibia visitors will join a marvelous photographic journey in a frog perspective. The exhibition also has a Romanian flavour with images from one of Europe’s most important wetlands – the Danube Delta.

Magnus Lundgren, world-renowned nature photographer from Sweden, presents a visual and aesthetic narrative of amphibians intricate lifestyle. You can even follow the amphibians down below the surface and experiencing their steamy reproduction and vulnerability. Magnus images have been published worldwide and received prestigious awards, all over the world including the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011. Currently Magnus is working in the world’s largest nature conservation communication project Wild Wonders of Europe, and he is the founder of the expedition company Exposure Expeditions.