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Det Vilda Europa


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Det Vilda Europa

Swedish, Max Ström 2010

This elegant and impressive book is a dedication to the amazing treasures of Europe’s natural heritage. The Crown Jewels of its wild places and beings, celebrated in grand format through the emotional power of great photography. 69 of Europe’s leading wildlife photographers were sent on 125 assignments, in 48 countries. In all more than 1000 days in the field and over 200 000 images, revealing the incredibly rich and varied heritage of this continent. 220 of the best images have been carefully selected for this book. A volume full of surprises and unexpected wildlife, facts and views.
With an optimistic, positive message communicated in short, engaging texts with an elegant graphic design.
Wild Wonders of Europe is possibly the grandest portrayal of nature in Europe that has ever been made. Fiery volcanoes and huge glaciers, dense old-growth forests and vast wetlands teeming with wildlife, flowering fields and rich seas. With attractions like bears, vultures, muskoxen, ibex, pelicans, dolphins, whales, orchids, butterflies and thousands of other charismatic species. We now present you with the opportunity to purchase this fantastic photo book which will be a source of inspiration to anyone with the slightest interest in the natural world, or in travel ­ a spectacular nature book for the whole family. An image odyssey across our continent.