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You are welcome to download Free Press Images [here] for media usage without any fees involved, but only if there is a clearly visible relation to, or connection with reports about Magnus Lundgren’s work and his photography. The photographer’s credit byline must be visible beside each published image like this:
Image Magnus Lundgren/

All text and image material on are protected by international copyright law. The reproduction rights belong to the photographer and are sold on this site by Magnus Lundgren Photography AB.
We are happy to offer reproduction fee quotations for images and/or text to be used in a variety of media.

All pictures on this website are for sale, with the only exception being the pictures on the Free Press Images page, under the specified conditions there. If you are in a hurry and for some reason can’t reach Magnus Lundgren Photography directly: Most images on this site are available through agents Nature Picture Library or Wild Wonders of Europe.

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