I have always had the privilege to work with committed partners and they are a very important part of my work. Their expertise and professionalism make is one part of my work and help the stories to unfold. I am proud to put my trust with the partners below.


Wild Wonders of Europe is about sharing the amazing natural wonders of our continent with the Europeans and the World! Wild Wonders of Europe became the world’s biggest conservation communication initiative to date and have reached more than 800 million people through exhibitions, books, Apps, TV, DVDs, presentations, interactive web page, multimedia shows and more.  →  Wild Wonders of Europe’s website


Ole Jörgen Liodden and myself make out a tight Ambassador’s team working in close cooperation with Japan Photo – one of Scandinavia’s strongest provider of camera equipment and printed media. We put cameras, lenses and other accessories to the toughest tests in the field and push the equipment to the very limit.   →  Japan Photo Norway’s website    →  Japan Photo Sweden’s website


Exposure Underwater is the market leading distributor of underwater photography equipment in Scandinavia. Exposure Underwater’s high level of expertise helps me to work with the cuttting edge underwater image technology and they provide me with the professional knowledge and support that is crucial to success.   →  Exposure Underwater’s website


Join one of the world class photographic expeditions I host and reward yourself to have an experience of a lifetime. You will give yourself the chance to nail the best images you have ever have taken. Exposure Expeditions focus on exotic, remote and stunning underwater destinations only to be discovered by a few.   →  Exposure Expedition’s website