WWE_logo_200px_laagMagnus is one of the four directors together with Staffan Widstrand, Florian Möllers and Bridget Wijnberg behind Wild Wonders of Europe that to date has reached more than 800 million people. An outstanding achievment for a conservation communication project today considered to be the biggest in the World! Wild Wonders of Europe is about revealing the amazing natural treasures of our continent to 800 million Europeans and the World. The wildlife and wild places that most of us don’t even know exist.


Using the emotional power of world class photography together with strong conservation messaging to stimulate minds and inspire wide audiences. It is about a love affair with our natural heritage. Highlighting our breathtaking biodiversity and that nature conservation actually works – the success stories, rewilding initiatives, Natura 2000 and ecosystem services, as well as describing serious concerns for species and habitats at risk. We invite you to be part of this powerful and strategic communication opportunity.

Wild Wonders of Europe achievements

→ The World’s largest photography based nature conservation mass communication project
→ 69 of Europe’s best nature photographers
→ Covering all 48 European countries
→ 135 photo assignments – from National Parks, World Heritage Sites, Natura 2000 areas and RAMSAR sites
→ 250 000 images – The first comprehensive, top quality digital record of Europe’s natural heritage.
→ Massive media output – more than 800 million reached through all possible media
→ A grand Outdoor Exhibition touring all European countries, possibly reaching 50 million people
→ Indoor Exhibitions touring museums, shopping centres, railway stations in Europe, China and USA
→ Flagship book, published in 8 European languages
→ Additional books: Wild Waters of Europe, Wild Forests of Europe in several languages.
→ Children’s books and educational material
→ iPad / iPhone App “Wild Friends” with over 1 200 000 downloads, in cooperation with Fotopedia
→ Large format wall calendars and desk calendar
→ AV-shows at festivals all over Europe and overseas
→ Attractive website: Galleries, photo competitions, blogs, photo tips, conservation facts
→ TV documentaries and DVDs
→ National Geographic Magazine articles about the project
→ Main Partners: WWF International, National Geographic, Nokia, Rewilding Europe
→ Over 70 other partners, including world leaders in conservation & media: UNEP, IUCN, DUH, EEA, CBD, CI,, ILCP, Birdlife International, Nikon, Epson, The United Postcode Lotteries, Bayard Presse, fotopedia, WILD10
→ Positive message “We have a unique natural heritage, experience it, protect it!”
→ We celebrate the success “Yes conservation works!”
→ We highlight the challenges in the conservation of biodiversity