“The award winner is an outstanding multi award-winning photographer with the world’s oceans as his working field. Magnus receives the price because his images and texts create great understanding and interest in the ocean and it’s organisms – small and large – and therefore, in the same spirit as Arne Schmitz, he promotes conservation of marine diversity and sustainable marine environments.”


Sanna told me a couple of days ahead via a text message that I was invited to a price ceremony the same day I arrive home from my visit to Raja Empat (West Papua) and Lembeh Strait (northern tip of Sulawesi). So I was a bit jet-lagged, surprised and deeply honoured when I entered the room where our local branch of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) had their meeting and price ceremony.

I was lucky to have the chance to meet Arne Schmitz once when I did a presentation about Skåne’s marine life in the same room. I admire the work he did through his career as a photograopher and in Sweden he is a legend when it comes to conservation photography and Arne was the founder of the Swedish Association for Nature Photographers that has promoted ethical photography and a committment to conservation since 1966. After Arne passed away this award has been established through the work of Arne’s daughter and this was the second time ever the award was given.