Exposure Expeditions

 (Magnus Lundgren)


Join one of our extraordinary journeys to the world’s most fascinating destinations.
To be discovered by just a few.
An experience of a lifetime.
And a great chance to photograph the best images you have ever taken.

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Exposure Expeditions’ main target is to visit unique and photogenic habitats and striking natural events in combination with an optimal set up for the underwater photographer. We find the best locations, the best time and the best operator to fulfill your underwater dreams. Join Magnus on an exclusive expedition and enjoy the luxury of having a top-notch Photo Pro close by for inspiration and photography support.


“The time I spend underwater is never really enough. And the time available is highly valued so it makes sense for Pros and enthusiasts alike to join expeditions that provide the highest possible quality time with your underwater camera.” Guests can be fresh beginners, seasoned enthusiasts, salty Pros or even non-photographers who like the concept and destination. There is always a skilled photo professional or biologist to ask questions and learn more. Check out our team [here].

Each trip has planned presentations which will take place during the expedition. Even better is your chance get instant feedback on your images and direct answers on your specific techniques. All while you are enjoying and photographing the underwater world at it’s best.

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Expeditions have a variety of different topics depending on location; like places where mantas aggregate in huge numbers, extraordinary macro subjects and photo techniques in Indonesia’s muck, South Africa’s action packed Sardine Run or unique environments like the Galapagos Islands. The expeditions are of course not exclusive for photographers but tailored to their needs. On every trip we have non-photographing nature and diving enthusiasts joining the photographing guests.

You are all more than welcome to join in!