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 (Magnus Lundgren)“My work is to translate science and facts into visual, passionate, intimate and inspirational stories.
I see myself as a photojournalist with the goal to connect a wide audience with nature’s extraordinary reality and gruesome truths”


In short →
Magnus Lundgren is an international photojournalist specialized in aquatic natural history and science-related topics that has been widely published in leading publications.
Magnus’ trademark is his passionate and informed way of story telling aiming to highlight beauty and benefits of species and ecosystems to a broad audience as well as describing real threats.

Conservation is the ultimate motivation for all Magnus’ work and together with Staffan Widstrand he is the director and owner of the world’s largest conservation communication initiative to date. Wild Wonders of Europe have reached mroe than 800 million people as of today. Magnus is involved in the start-up of a new initiative of epic proportions – Wild Wonders of China – building on the track record of Wild Wonders of Europe.

Magnus work has been honoured and awarded around the world and his images origin from six continents all the way from the remote reefs of Raja Ampat to the freezing cold Arctic Sea. Magnus is eager to visit Antarctica’s underwater world (the 7th continent) as soon as possible.

Dead man's finger coral, a northern stone crab and a diver. Location: Trondheim fjord Alcyonium digitatum or dead man's fingers is a species of soft coral in the Alcyoniidae family. It is found around the coasts of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Northern stone crab (Lithodes maja) is a species of king crab which occurs in the colder waters of Europe and North America. It is found along entire coast of Norway, the northern half of the British Isles, and around the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Svalbard and off south-eastern Greenland. In Canada, it is found from Newfoundland southwards. (Magnus Lundgren)Karribisk revhaj, Charcharhinus perezi, betraktad av två dykare vid Jardines de la reina på Kuba. (Magnus Lundgren/Bildhuset Scanpix) (Magnus Lundgren)  Karribisk revhaj, Charcharhinus perezi, betraktad av två dykare vid Jardines de la reina på Kuba. (Magnus Lundgren/Bildhuset Scanpix)

Deeper info → Through the power of emotional photography and conservation journalism Magnus has grabbed the attention and highlighted urgent and important marine and fresh water topics. In a time where independence seems to come into religious proportions Magnus visualise and put the spotlight on how interdependent humans and our environment are. “I always strive to reconnect the audience to nature and it is very inspiring to realise that a single image can make a difference, which is an essential part of my motivation.”

Magnus’ underwater obsession started at a very young age with a whispering broken voice in the family TV-set. Jaques-Yves Cousteau came straight through the family TV-set with his boyish curiosity and let’s go and have a look-message. “Inspiration is the key to great photography and nature always brings some sort of rugged unsentimental truth to me. She inspires and beeing out there simply makes me very happy.”

 (Magnus Lundgren) (Magnus Lundgren) (unknown) (Magnus Lundgren)

Magnus first story about Pupu Springs in New Zealand was published 1992 and since then Magnus has produced more than 100+ published stories. His images have been featured in hundreds of publications around the world for the past 20 years in magazines, books and various printed and digital media. He created the Apple App called “Wild Friends”, together with Fotopedia, which was reached over 1,3 million downloads and his latest book “Wild Waters of Europe” was published by National Geographic in Germany.

Magnus has received more than 20 prestigious international photography awards including Wildlife Photographer of the Year and European Wildlife Photographer of the year to name a few place of recognition for his work as a photojournalist and a conservationist. Magnus was awarded European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (EWPY) in the underwater category with a shot of an Atlantic Sailfish striking a school of sardines in the Gulf of Mexico.

A pool Frog (Pelophylax lessonae) join underwater photographer Magnus Lundgren, Crisan, Danube Delta, Romania. (Magnus Lundgren / Wild Wonders of Europe)Diver and the lion's mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata). This is the largest known species of jellyfish. Its range is confined to cold, boreal waters of the Arctic, northern Atlantic, and northern Pacific Oceans, seldom found farther south than 42°N latitude. Location: Koster National Park, Sweden (Magnus Lundgren)A chimney in Salstraumen, Giant cualdron, Klas Malmberg Atlantic marine life, Saltstraumen, Bodö, Norway Model release by photographer (Magnus Lundgren/Wild Wonders of Europe) (Magnus Lundgren)

Magnus earned the Arne Schmitz Conserveration Price with the motivation: “The prize winner is an outstanding multi award-winning photographer with the World’s oceans as his working field. He receives the price as his images and texts enhances understanding and interest in the ocean and its organisms – small and large – and therefore, in Arne Schmitz’s spirit promotes conservation of marine biological diversity and sustainable marine environments.”

Magnus is a passionate expedition leader and the founder of Exposure Expeditions arranging expeditions to remote marine and freshwater wilderness all over the world. He is a frequent lecturer on aquatic conservation, underwater photography and marine adventures and a proud member of the Swedish Nature Photographers Association (Naturfotograferna/N) and has been engaged as the judge in Nordic Championship of Underwater photography and in the World Championship of Underwater Photography.

Current occupations

Professional photographer & writer
Business Director of Wild Wonders of Europe
Director of Wild Wonders of China
Co-founder and boardmember of Wild Wonders Foundation
Founder and owner of Exposure Expeditions
Member of the Swedish Nature Photographers Association – Naturfotograferna/N

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